Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What is Prison?
By, Frank Berryman


A place where u write letters and can' think of anything to say...

A place where u wait for letters that come less and less often...

A place where u gradually stop writing altogether.

A place where u lost respect for the law because you see it raw, naked, twisted, bent, ignored, and blown out of porportion to suit the people who enforce it...

A place where it is proven that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

A place where u wait for a visit that doesn't happen...and although u know the real reason, u have to accept the lies.

A place where u learn that nobody needs u...u r forgotten man, and the world goes on without u...

A place where u discover that all of the talents and abilities u have r worthless, for u r a man in blue.

A place where u receive your divorce papers and u learn the meaning of the words 'TIL DEATH DO US PART',...for to the outside world u r a dead man.

A place that doesn't exist in the minds of friends, for they cannot put it on an envelope, nor can they find it in a car...

A place that exists only in a time warp, for u r only rememberd in past tense...and that's probably appropriate, for u can see no future.

A place where days blend into weeks, months merge into years, and eons pass without feeling the touch of a human hand unless it is raised in anger...

A place where a kind word and an affectionate touch r only dim memories.

A place where basic humanity is ignored, discarded, and eventually forgotten...

A place where men r stripped of their clothes as well as thier dignity, and herded like the beasts society believes them to be.

A place where u go to bed early, even when u are not tired; u walk in circles, even though u have nowhere to go; and u pull the covers over your head, even though u r not cold.

A place where escape is possible, but only through reading, dreaming,or just plain going mad.

Can a man survive prison and resume a useful life? If he can overcome the degradation that is heaped upon him, society will continue to remind him that he is tainted.

Does he deserve what he got? Of course! And smug society can be assured that it has done the right and proper thing. Unti........circumstances, errors, accidents, or mistake in the judical system flips the table and they find themselves in the shoes of the man in the cell next door!!!!!

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