Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Another day trapped in my sorrow thinking about my children,family, and friends... What to do about tomorrow, how to make a bad day and situation better, how to make pain and fears clear to the ones I love in a letter! Knowing right from wrong while I was doing wrong from the start... Chasing and catching devalued dollars constantly in vain to make everything better for my family knowing it could and would tear us apart! The life of a baller-- the cars, girls, money, power that lasted for a couple of years and vanished in hours... A fool for wanting to attain and keep the eye candy of the world you can't have... When you see your folly, and realize it all in your suffering for the try, you want to cry but all you can do is laugh...

Who's the Gangster now? "

--Terrance "Gangsta" Williams (

Monday, July 28, 2008

Stop asking me to join your NING website just because you saw 50 and USDA doing it big. I don't have time for MySpace, so why would I have time for YOUR social networking site? If you are not as big as 50 and USDA, NO ONE CARES! Read that again.

Stop hitting me up with requests to join Hi-5, Tagged, Plaxo, FaceBook and the myriad of other time wasters that exist on-line. You call it business networking-- I say if you want to ask me for a favor do some work and get my fucking email address like everyone else. I have a job. Those sites are a waste of my time. If we didn't keep in touch over the past 16 years I have been in the industry, there is a reason for it. I do not need your "blast from the past" email. If I wanted to be introduced to new people through people I don't respect, I'd go to more industry functions.

Stop calling me and asking me to put your artist on. If I had it like that don't you think all of MY artists would be on? Idiot. In the time you spent emailing me, you could have spent researching what it is that I do, and actually asking me something that wouldn't make you look stupid.

Stop emailing me AFTER I tell you I can't help you, as if I am blocking your access to the industry. If I could have helped you I would have. But keep my number because you WILL get raped by someone you call with that same stupid request--talk to ya in about 3 years when you need out of your fuck-boy contract you signed without reading.

Stop handing me demo CDs after I speak at conferences. If you listened to me speak, you heard me say that I have never seen anyone get a good deal from handing a demo to someone. So why would you then hand me a demo? Are you stupid or did you just not listen? Either quality is not one I'd want to do business with, so you are fucked in the gate right there.

Stop approaching me by telling me you are better than anyone I have ever worked with before. Did it ever cross your mind that maybe I like my clients and by dissing them you are offending me? Duh... I only work with the folks I believe in--except one time, and that went REALLY poorly. Never again.

Stop jumping into this industry without learning as much as you can about it first. Did you ever stop to think that I set up free websites to educate artists, so when you sound ignorant, you are offending me? Why not just introduce yourself by slapping me? Same shit...

Stop being so desperate and saying you just want a deal, any deal, and you are willing to sign to some bullshit to get on. I run an organization to protect artists' rights. You are looking REAL stupid to me, right about now. If I ran an anti-violence organization would you promise to beat someone up to get on? Dope.

Stop using gimmicks to get on. Do NOT call me name dropping. I do not care who is your brother, sister, cousin, nephew, uncle, or neighbor. If you had value, they would have already signed you and jerked the shit out of you. This phone call would then be taking on an entirely different direction. Have you done a reality show and think that entitles you to something big in this industry? Hang up now before I hurt your feelings. All a reality show is good for is to kill your credibility and show the entire world what a buffoon you really are. Reality shows are great for has-beens who have no other way to attract attention anymore. If you are lucky, you'll get your Flavor Flav 15 minutes of fame again, and hopefully be smart enough this time around to bank the loot instead of using it to stay high like you did in the 80s, or 90s. By the way, American Idol is a gimmick, too. I don't care if you were the 5th runner up to the last audition in Tiny Town, USA. It's a gimmick. No one cares. Only the winners of the actual show sell records, because they've had 16 weeks of their annoying faces shoved down stupid viewer's throats. And they get jerked out of the bulk of their money by signing to the idol maker's production company, so how is that a plus again?

Stop thinking that because we were friends years ago that I owe you something today. We fell out of touch for a reason. Probably because you assumed too much back then about what was owed you do now. Fuck off.

Stop assuming you know what I do and asking me for shit I can't deliver. It's a waste of both of our time, and all it does is make me block your email and phone number. My cell phone has over 100 entries that say "Asshole." Do you really think I pick any of those calls up? I'd much rather pick up a blocked call and deal with a new asshole than one who has already pissed me off before. (No, I don't pick up blocked calls--I am making a point).

Stop doing stupid stuff that makes me vent on my Blog. Nobody wants to read this shit! And I sure as hell don't want to write it. I have work to do....
It is very rare that I read something awesome enough to make the blog at both Rap Coalition as well as my personal Blog. Mic Fiend sent me this copy of a piece about Networking from DJ Vlad's MySpace page. It came at the PERFECT time. Last weekend, I received an incredibly stank email from someone who had sent me an email sometime ago requesting we "network." His rant was unclear--either I didn't respond to his email (I get 400+ emails a day) or I declined the opportunity to "network" with yet another wanna-be in this industry who has not accomplished anything to prove himself. Yes, I wish I had all the time in the world to converse with some idiot who hasn't succeeded at shit on his own in this industry, in an area of this industry that doesn't even affect me or my Coalition one bit (event planning). What a dick. And the fact that he wrote me a bitter email about it REALLY made him look like a bitch! And I told him what I thought about his little tirade. I went hard on him (as I should have). He needs to unbunch his panties and get a clue...

Anyway, a few days later, this brilliant email hit my Blackberry. I dunno, Vlad probably got the same angry email from the same angry ass wipe who signed his email "Tennis Pro." Go back to tennis, asshole...your attitude is wack for urban music! Anyway, here goes:

Your network determines your net worth”

A lot of people email me everyday to try to ‘network’. Most of the time, they don’t understand what networking really means.

Your network is people that you have done actual business with - not people that you have seen in the club. I’ve had conversations with Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Puffy multiple times. I didnt’ have any business that I could bring to them at that time, so they’re not in my network.

I met the founder of when he was first starting his company. I had a recruiting company and helped to hire a lot of his first employees. The company eventually became a billion dollar company, and the founder bacame a multi-millionaire. Whenever I’ve brought good business ideas to him, he would put up the money and help to develop the businesses. He’s also in my network.

“I’m hot but I’m broke, put me on” is begging

“I’ve got a project with a budget that I want to work with you on. We have $10,000 dollars for you upfront” is networking

“I’m gonna blow up one day and then you can take your cut” is begging

“I’ve sold 20,000 copies of my last 2 releases and have the soundscan numbers to prove it. Let’s do our next project together and we’ll split the profits” is networking

“your beats are hot, let me bless one for free” is begging

“I would like to purchase beat 9 right now - let’s work out a price” is networking

“I wanna get signed” is begging

“I have deals on the table from Interscope and Def Jam. I need to build up my buzz more so I can get a better deal. Let’s work together and I’ll give you X% of the deal” is networking

Professionals network with other professionals. Hobbiests network with other hobbiests. If you make your living off your music - you’re a professional. If you don’t earn your living off your music - you’re a hobbiest. This is not my opinion - it’s the dictionary definition.

(Source: DJ Vlad @ Myspace)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Most Awesome Compliment of the Month:

"Really you are a sweetheart.. I really mean it.. Real Gangster talk . Alot of them don't come like you. " --Terrance "Gangsta" Williams

Monday, July 07, 2008

Funniest response EVER:

Yeah, you are truly a piece of shit when someone drinking booze from a gas can is able to rightfully call you a fuck boy

Seems I am not the only one who has issue with Kia Shine's FUCK BOY ways. Here he is showing up to a Three Six Mafia in-store under the guise of "Memphis unity." They have their security remove him from the behind the table (although they do autograph his CD for him), and then further explain to him why he is not liked. They remind him that he first tried doing NY music until he couldn't get on and then switched to southern music. They even call him a "fuck boy" and tell him to leave and proceed to clown him on his way out. At the end they even tell Frazier boy to "go get his cousin." Karma is a muthaphukka...and this guy is just the most hated person in rap. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

DJ Paul calling Kia Shine a "fuck boy:" PRICELESS!

PS- Does he quote Bible scriptures to conceal the fact that he's a snake?

Doggy airfare to bring Gangster to Houston with me overnight (under the seat in front of me): $138

Omni Hotel additional charge for a 2 pound dog in my room: $50

Picture of Manny Fresh holding my dog in the studio: priceless

Coming soon--my dog's MySpace page to show the picture of him and Manny...LoL