Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hey, remember Mic Geronimo? He sent me this today and I liked it so much I thought I'd share it...
Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Today We Fought The Devil
Category: Life

EEEP! Whopnin' Babies. I borrrowed that courtesy "The Chronic". Shout out and G d bless to Dr.Dre. I got the news that he lost his son a day ago. It's always something y'all. Isn't it? I had a tough week myself. Not nearly as tough as that, but it was a truly trying seven days.

I recently went through one of those periods in life that test where you are, what you've learned, and if you have the fortitude to keep keeping on. I went through an expirience that quiet possibly could have meant the end of your boy's career, and possibly exhausted any energy I have left in pursuing what my dreams and aspirations are. Now that I think about it, I went through two scenarios simultaneously that put me through the fire. Life is a funny thing. It is the greatest cosmic joke of all in existence. There is always something that reminds us all, just when I thought it was over..they pull me right back in.

I can remember each period of growth mentally that I have been through. I remember the sense of feeling as though, "Ok, I thought I knew, but NOW I know." And after each of these phases, I assumed that I was better equipt to deal with any and everything then I was before the lesson came. I felt as if anything, any force that reared its head in opposition to my destiny, would be in for a formidable confrontation. A rumble like no other. A complete and utter ass whipping! And after that, life would be on cruise control. The skies would clear. I would enjoy the journey as though it were a walk in the park.(or in my case, and endless night in Vegas with 20 of the most gorgeous women ever assembled in a presidential suite at the Wynn)

But the older you get, the more you realize that force known as The Devil is always lurking. It is always observing you, waiting to see how much of an adversary you truly are. That force is always waiting to turn you towards the Dark Side. It sees you as a valuable acquisition, and lusts for you to submit or be tricked into serving by its side. It feeds on your insecurities, your desires, your lack of infinite information. It causes your imagination to run wild. It motivates you to view things with tainted vision. That force makes you question things that are not to be questioned, or move with temperance as opposed to logic.

I been through enough in my time on this rock to know this force all too well. Some may even say, with all that I have been through it's amazing that I haven't just grabbed Lord Vader's hand and chose to be an Imperial asshole the same as he. But what made things different this time, was that I actually stepped outside of myself, and watched myself apply the techniques and components neccessary to defeat it. I watched myself use comminication over attrition. I watched myself use a sense of calm, as opposed to clutching on to aggression. I listened more, and spoke less. I was open minded and not stubborn.

In both scenarios, I am happy to say there was a peaceful resolve. In both scenarios there was a beautiful outcome instead of the aftermath of slaughter. With both scenarios, there was a sense of triumph through unity, and not the temporary rush of divide and conquer. There will always be the need to be primal as there will always be the need for diplomacy. Everything has its time and place. But that force known as The Devil, it wants you to be confused as to when and where. The key is knowing when you are up against that force.

Today we fought the Devil, and I am proud to say...we won. Until next time, keep fighting...just be smart about it.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Do you believe that every love story that you see, read, or hear can be true?...

Or maybe you think you have your own with your's truly... You know who.

Do you believe that a contract should be drawn up for your love, and signed in the truest blue... And if it's ever breached for infidelity, or any emotional travesty you could sew?

Do you believe that your man should have you first in line after God, but way ahead of his crew?... No matter what loyalty they claim, you know you'll have his back in everything he'll ever go through?

Do you believe that your man should cherish, love and spend most of his time with you, even if he doesn't want too...

Well you will find that there are a few who believe like this, so stick with me baby because "I DO"... by Patrick Watson 40 boy !